I am only a flicker of a flame now, Popping harmlessly but I will grow. There is fuel for fires so mighty No city lights could compete with their glow - And oh yes this harmless flicker Will rise powerful and tall, Searching the corrupt and the greedy, With longing to devour them all.

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Not Doing So Well 

Tone-deaf and tired, but I remember You're a flute, your music sweet, I remember how you taste  And how with you I felt complete. It's funny how some say the pills Fill in the cracks and leave them feeling Nothing - soulless zombies, Emotions and hearts congealing, While all I can do is remember How… Continue reading Not Doing So Well 

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Another Splinter

Battered Beyond recognition, Self bartered For microscopic slivers  Of Hope;  Crossroads aren't places. They are events and I'm scarred by their gnarled demands:  Choose! Though neither evil is lesser. It'll all be over soon. I dreamed I had wings. From above, I could see which direction Led to sanctuary, Then I woke, still broken from… Continue reading Another Splinter

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I've got that weird, not-quite-myself, slightly surreal feeling that typically precedes a mood shift.  Due to circumstances outside of my control, I'm out of a couple of medications that help me remain on a somewhat even keel; I've been dealing with insomnia, fatigue and heightened emotions all week. Oh, bipolar disorder, how nice to be… Continue reading Swing